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Preparing for your Annual RITA/ARCP

All trainees are required to annually submit to the ARCP panel a minimum of:

  • Signed educational supervisor's report, use the attached template. For those trainees in a ERCP post or Nutrition post should complete a different report.  The template on e-portfolio should only be used to complete an educational supervisor's report for your G(I)M assessment.
  • Record of attendance at 70% of GI & 70% GIM training sessions (or pro rata)
  • Valid ALS certificate
  • Formative Endoscopy DOPS - 10 per year in each separate procedure, unless certified by JAG, in which case 4 DOPS per year in each separate procedure.
  • Cusum plot for colonoscopy
  • ACAT 3-6 per year
  • CBD & Mini CEX (total of 5 per year)
  • MSF (years 1 & 3 of training only)
  • KBA certificate (for those who it applies to) - evidence to be produced by PYA
  • Complete the Absence/Time Out of Training recording periods of absence (other than annual leave and study leave).
  • Use the attached checklist to assist both yourself and the panel in checking that the relevant evidence has been submitted. This document should be completed and uploaded into your personal library.
  • You may find the attached proformas useful in understanding the requirements of the 2007 and 2010 curriculum.
  • Additional information can be obtained from JRCPTB website.


For those trainees appointed prior to 2007

  • For those trainees following a pre-2007 curriculum, the number of wpbas etc that need to be completed can be found on the JRCPTB website.
  • SpRs appointed before August 2007 undergo annual RITAs and are assessed against the SpR curriculum to which they were enrolled. The only exception is for those trainees who have officially transferred to a newer curriculum.
  • Although there are no official requirements for DOPS forms in the old SpR curricula, they are required for JAG accreditation in endoscopy. In addition, educational supervisors are now used to dealing with WPBAs and doctors are increasingly expected to provide evidence of competence and training. For these reasons, although it you will not fail a RITA for failing to submit the WPBAs requested above, it is pragmatic to do so.


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