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Creating and Maintaining your e-portfolio

All StR trainees in gastroenterology appointed since 2007 must enroll with JRCPTB and maintain an e-portfolio. It is important to note that registration with JRCPTB must be carried out on entry into StR training even if previously registered as a Core Medical Trainee. Only once fully registered with JRCPTB and in post an e-portfolio account will be created in your name.

Your e-portfolio will contain both gastroenterology and G(I)M curricula.

  • Trainees should ensure personal details are kept up to date (with a photo). Trainees must ensure that at the commencement of each post on the rotation they contact the Education Centre within their hospital and your SPC at HENE to update their supervisor and post details on the e-portfolio system.
  • During the course of each year spent at different hospitals on the training programme it is the trainees responsibility to ensure that their e-portfolio is kept up to date. In particular:
    • At the start of each post trainees should complete educational agreements in the “profile” section of e-portfolio. Trainees must also establish a Personal Development Plan and complete an Induction appraisal, details of which can be completed in the “appraisal” section of e-portfolio.
    • During the post trainees must maintain their portfolio completing necessary work place based assessments (see Preparing for ARCP). These WPBAs should be linked to relevant elements of the curricula. It is important to remember that WPBAs need to address both gastroenterology and GiM curriculum competencies. A mid-post appraisal is recommended and can be completed on the e-portfolio. It is worthwhile completing WPBAs throughout the year to avoid stress in the few weeks before ARCPs.
    • Once sufficient evidence has been collected and linked to a curriculum competency your educational supervisor must sign that particular competency off by entering it within the “curriculum” section as supervisor and confirming it. This is important as it will be expected at ARCP that a certain percentage of competencies are complete (see JRCPTB, Gastroenterology ARCP Decision Aid, G(I)M ARCP Decision Aid).
    • Relevant certificates should be uploaded onto e-portfolio and record of attendance at mandatory courses and teaching should be logged (with refelection).
    • At the end of a post the trainee should complete an end of post appraisal with their supervisor.

Further information on completing e-portfolio can be found in the “help” section on the e-portfolio.

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