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Welcome to the School of Radiology


Head of School


Dr Richard Cooper

Training Programme Director (Core training)

Dr Ann Anstee

Training Programme Director (Higher training)

Dr James Graham

Specialty Programme Co-ordinator

David Roxborough

HR Officer (all employment issues)

Kevin Johnson


The School of Radiology is the vivacious and innovative home to 60 trainees across the North East. STs in the school achieve an excellent level of exam success in FRCR and go on to international fellowships and consultant radiologist posts across the region and the UK. 


Typical rotation and training locations

A specialist trainee will typically spend 5 years in training with certain sub-specialties requiring 6 years, these include Interventional Radiology and Nuclear Medicine. The School of Radiology is a pan North East training scheme that is organised into Core and Higher training. Training placements have been designed with the curriculum of the Royal College of Radiologists at their core so that training posts in hospitals throughout  the region play to the strengths of those hospitals and maximise the training opportunities of specialist trainees at various stages of training. A rotation typically lasts 4 months.

Core Training: Years 1-3 - to minimise travelling and to achieve a greater degree of predictability trainees are assigned to a Northern, Middle or Southern hospital group rotation for their first 3 years (based on applicant preference and on ranking at national recruitment).  Year 1: training is focused on introduction to the various imaging modalities, developing reporting skills and completing the teaching course for anatomy and physics in preparation for FRCR Part 1 exam. Years 2 and 3: clinical placements reflect the core requirements of the curriculum allowing trainees to develop an excellent grounding in reporting and form a strong basis for successfully completing the 6 modules of FRCR IIa. At the end of this time trainees are well placed to choose their areas of specialist interest for higher training.

Higher Training: Years 4-5 - the majority of trainees successfully complete their final exam - FRCR IIb at the beginning of Year 4. During these final years trainees consolidate their general reporting skills and complete their chosen sub-specialist training emerging as consultant radiologists with Fellowship of the Royal College of Radiologists.


Why train at HENE?

The School of Radiology at Health Education North East is unique in having the only validated electronic case archive for radiology training in the UK: MacLab. Funded by HENE, MacLab is based within the new education centre at County Durham and Darlington Foundation NHS Trust. When complete, this will provide a standardised, high quality case based learning tool covering the entire curriculum of plain films, CT, MRI and Nuclear Medicine.  The Annual Scientific Meeting is a great opportunity for trainees from across the region (predominantly radiology) to present radiology research and audit projects to a large forum. Several prizes and travel bursaries are awarded each year. If you are interested in pursuing a career in Radiology, why not come along or submit an abstract for a presentation? Buddy system: in addition to TPDs, college tutors and educational supervisors the School of Radiology runs a Buddy System. Each ST1 starting radiology is assigned a Year 2/3 trainee who has recently made the transition to radiology, this as a further layer of informal support and advice as you embark on this new career.


Why choose Specialty Radiology as a career?

Radiology is constantly expanding and developing as a specialty.  Working in strong multi-disciplinary teams with patient care at their core, Radiology provides a varied stimulating and rewarding career.


The purpose of these pages is to provide you with useful education and training information, which will assist you throughout your rotations.



For all HR, Recruitment or Employment queries please contact your relevant HR Officer in the Lead Employer Trust (LET) contact list or telephone the helpdesk on 0844 879 7258


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